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Samsung Open Source Conference 2018

Samsung Research, the advanced research & development hub of Samsung Electronics’ SET Business, held the Samsung Open Source Conference 2018 (SOSCON) at the Seoul R&D Campus in Umyeon-dong on October 17 and 18 with about 1,600 participants.

SOSCON is now in its fifth year and is Korea’s largest open source developers’ conference. Held under the theme “Future that Open Source Changes,” the participants had a meaningful time sharing and communicating their open source development experiences, knowledge, and latest trends with global open source leaders and experts.


▲ Executive Director Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation converses with student Sauroo Park, a promising young developer.
(Right: Jim Zemlin, Center: Sauroo Park, Left: Samsung Research Open Source Group Leader, Soohong Daniel Park)

Following a welcoming speech by Executive Vice President Seunghwan Cho of Samsung Electronics in the morning of October 17, nine global leaders, including Executive Director Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation; Senior Vice President Seungbeom Choi, the leader of R&D Strategy Team at Samsung Research; Principal Engineer Richard Barry of Amazon Web Services and founder of FreeRTOS; and Software Engineering Manager Steven Kim of Google, gave keynote speeches, where they focused on the open source field, which has been drawing much attention lately, and its future, as well as shared the open source development culture.


▲ Executive Vice President Seunghwan Cho gave the welcoming speech.

“It is my hope that the conference will provide a meaningful time for sharing and pondering the latest software technologies and development experiences together, which are indispensable for securing continued competitiveness in the current rapidly changing era,” Seunghwan Cho said in his welcome speech, thus announcing the start of SOSCON 2018, a festival where all participants can fully enjoy together.

This year’s SOSCON drew much attention and interest from participants as technologies related to open source development were presented under the themes of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 5G, and Edge Computing as a leading technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, well-known Korean and global companies, including Samsung Electronics, start-ups, universities, research centers, among others, managed exhibition booths for two days, which drew further interest.


▲ Samsung Internet VR Exhibition booth.

In addition, a two-day hackathon of developing algorithm for unique robot vacuum driving, blockchain idea challenge of proposing creative business ideas utilizing blockchain, Dr. Open Source of freely asking and answering questions on open source with experts, and various other programs were newly launched, providing developers participating in the conference with more opportunities to participate and communicate freely.


▲ The robot vacuum-driving algorithm hackathon was held for two sleepless days, with participants competing excitedly.

For further details about the conference and presentation materials presented at the event, please check the official website of “Samsung Open Source Conference (SOSCON)” (